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Why Over-the-Counter Meds and Traditional Kits DON’T WORK

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“I spent 3 months trying to get rid of lice on my 12 year old daughter. I can't believe I didn't come across this sooner. The video was extremely thorough and made it a breeze to do. I just wish I would have found this sooner. It would have saved me months of headaches!”

Susan M.Columbus, OH


Everything you need to 100% fix your lice problem

Why Over-the-Counter Meds and Traditional Kits DON’T WORK

Regular over the counter kits contain chemicals that will often kill live louse. But what people don’t understand is that these chemicals will not kill the nits. Nits are the larvae that adult louse lay as they multiply. So while you are likely killing the active adults – you are missing all of their eggs. This is why you often think you have fixed the problem only to see it return within a couple weeks.

  • Will NOT remove all nits
  • Use harmful chemicals or pesticides
  • Will leave you fighting the problem for months

Learn the Same Technique Used by the Pros

We’ve successfully treated thousands of cases. The only guaranteed way to fix your lice problem is to remove 100% of the lice AND NITS! Our professional home lice treatment kit gives you everything you need to treat your lice problem. The secret (no big secret here), is we walk you step-by-step by video on EXACTLY how to remove 100% of the lice and nits.

  • We teach you step-by-step how to remove all lice AND NITS
  • Our kit uses 100% all-natural ingredients – NO harmful chemicals
  • Everything you need in ONE simple kit to successfully treat lice

Backed by Our Money-Back, Performance Guarantee*

We’re so confident that we’ll guarantee your success! Order the kit to your door and follow the step-by-step video. If you try our kit and it doesn’t work, we’ll refund your money*.

  • Successfully treated THOUSANDS of cases
  • Money-back, performance guarantee

*Certain terms and conditions apply. See returns for performance guarantee details.